BOGO Items - Order 2, Pay for 1

All natural dry cured pork loin, sliced and ready to eat. This lean, tender, and delicate cut is seasoned with paprika and garlic, and cured with salt.
Size: 3.5oz/99.2g
Origin: Made in the USA
A rich and creamy spread perfect with potatoes, fish, and just about anything off the grill.
Size: 4.6oz/130g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Traditional creamy tomato-almond spread. Romesco, a Catalan classic, based on pulverized almonds and hazelnuts, dry sweet Nora peppers, and tomatoes.
Size: 4.76oz/135g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
All-natural 'tinta' perfect for 'Arroz Negro,' the famous black rice dish of Spain. Four individual packets, perfect for all your recipes.
Size: 0.56oz/16g
Origin: Spain
This gazpacho is made with ecological vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, and is currently the gazpacho with the highest vegetable content on the market (95.7%). Gluten free. Refrigerate after opening.
Size: 33.31fl.oz/1L
Origin: Almeria, Spain
Delicious milk chocolate tablet made with 30% selected whole hazelnuts of the highest quality.
Size: 4.58oz/130g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
Three of the most traditional almond nougat in a beautiful gift box. A selection of hard nougat, crocanti nougat and caramel nougat, all with almonds, in eight individually wrapped portions.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
The crunchy almond-shaped wafers are filled with nougat cream with 64% almonds. It is a characteristic, unique and original product.
Size: 5.29oz/150g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
Made with almonds of the highest quality, they provide a fine flavor to the palate.
Size: 12.69oz/360g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
This crunchy honey and Marcona almonds turron is the perfect sweet for all occasions. Our best-selling turron is the classic crunchy turron made with roasted almonds.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo, Spain