Farcellets Culinary Herb Bundle

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A pack of 3 herb bundles, perfect for making soups and stocks. Because the herbs are bundled, it makes it easy to remove them before serving.
Size: 0.35oz/10g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain

A Catalan classic that is found in every great chef’s arsenal! The oil-rich sprigs of fresh savory, oregano, and thyme are bundled in bay laurel, tied with cotton twine, and carefully dried for optimal flavor. Farcellets are little bundle of joys that deliver amazing flavor without a mess.

Tips for use of Farcellets Culinary Herb Bundle:
• Add to soups, stews, or when making stock, and since they are bundled, it's easy to remove before serving.
• Stuff a whole chicken with Farcellets, lemon wedges, and butter before roasting for an amazing and flavorful dish.
• Place fish, an herb bundle, and a couple of lemon wedges in a foil pouch and bake.
• Simmer in tomato sauce for about 15 minutes, remove bundle, and add the sauce to a casserole.
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  on February 27, 2013

By SharonM: I've used them for years and they make an amazing flavor difference in cooking.

  on November 23, 2012

By Christy: This was easy, subtle, and excellent with a French pot roast and also with a more Spanish stew. Please bring this item back soon!

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