Palacios Hot + Mild Combo Pack

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Authentic dry cured Spanish chorizo. Firm texture, slightly dry, and a mild taste.
Size: 2 x 7.9oz/225g packs
Origin: La Rioja, Spain

Contains pork, paprika, salt, and garlic. All natural, no preservatives, no artificial colors.

We traveled many days looking for the quintessential Chorizo. This recipe has remained unflinched over the centuries.

A marriage of two of Spain's great loves: pork and paprika. Centuries ago, far before refrigeration, the people of Spain utilized salt curing to preserve their prized Jamon Iberico. Upon the arrival of peppers from the new world, thanks to Christopher Columbus, the Spaniards had a new tool in their culinary arsenal. It was discovered that powdered dried peppers (pimenton) added to fresh pork would retard spoilage. When properly prepared, the ground pork could be seasoned and stored indefinitely in the form of chorizo. Unlike the un-cured Mexican and Caribbean varietals, authentic dry-cured Spanish chorizo is unique in flavor and texture and may be eaten sliced and served cold or used for cooking. Perfect when served along side some Manchego cheese, topped on some toasted bread, added to your paella, or for a host of more inspired culinary uses.
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  on November 3, 2012

By Mike: Use it in nearly every making of Paella. Nice flavor, not overly fatty.

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