Set of 4 Black Anthracite Cazuela Clay Pans - 6in/15cm

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The recommended size when serving Tapas to a group, but still trying for that 'small plate' feel. Exact measurements 5 15/16" outer, 5 3/8" inner diameter. Lead free and food safe.
Size: Holds 1 1/2 cups
Origin: Breda (Girona), Spain

BEFORE FIRST USE - Soak in cold water for a minimum of 6 hours to seal the clay's natural pores.

• Never place an empty pan on the stove or BBQ or add cold liquids to a hot pan; it will crack. Add the ingredients first, then gradually heat the pan.
• Cazuelas are stove top safe and BBQ safe for low to medium heat with liquid inside; never pre-heat an empty pan.
• Cazuelas are microwave safe, freezer safe, and oven safe to 400 degrees F.
• Extreme temperature changes will cause the pan to crack (i.e. from room temperature directly to a hot surface, or from a hot surface onto a cold counter top.)

Following these simple tips will ensure a lifetime of use out of your traditional terra-cotta clay cazuela from Spain.
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