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Sobrasada Majorcan Style Dry Sausage

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Rich with the finest Spanish Pimenton, this soft chorizo-style meat is our new favorite, and certain to become your favorite as well.
Size: 1Lb/450g
Origin: Made in the USA

Made in the traditions of the Mediterranean Island of Majorca, and handcrafted by Spaniards here in the USA. The origins of Sobresada are quite fascinating. The hot and humid climate of the islands Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza make dry-curing meat virtually impossible. Long ago, some novel farmers discovered that to overcome this problem there was a simple solution: the beloved Spanish Pimenton (paprika.) Adding large amounts of fresh ground pimenton preserves the meat much in the same way as dry-curing in salt does. The result is a flavorful chorizo-style sausage with a unique semi-soft texture and semi-spreadable texture. Paired with some crusty toasted bread, sobreasada is certain to become your favorite, just as it has become ours.
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Customer Reviews

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  on March 11, 2017

By Big Al: Rich, blended mild spice flavor without being hot, fries up well with eggs peppers and onions. Half inch slices sautéed in olive oil make excellent appetizer when combined with a flat piece of sautéed onion. Add to your favorite cracker!

  on April 18, 2008

Received a day early – it is delicious. I just stumbled upon it on a recent vacation to Italy, my cousin there served it one apperitivo – it was “love at first bite” As Arnold said “I’ll be back”. Thanks.

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