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Unbeatable savings on a huge assortment of items every day! How can we sell this stuff for so cheap? We believe in selling only top-quality items that are both fresh and in perfect condition. To keep the fresh inventory moving in, we occasionally need to make room by moving out our existing items to sale price. We also sometimes get items from Spain that have a minor imperfection, such as a small tear on the product label. For the most part, all items are perfect and are on sale simply because we are trying to get you the best deal!

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Regular Price $34.00 - Lead Free - Food Safe -
Size: About 8 inches Tall
Origin: Manises (Valencia), Spain
Hand-thrown Ceramic and Hand Painted in the Old-Spanish Tradition.
Size: Holds 1-2 cups
Origin: Cordoba, Spain
Our popular smoked paprika packed in a foodservice size tin. Freshness guaranteed. Best by: 09-2018
Size: 26.45oz/750g
Origin: Alicante, Spain
Limited Series Anchovies.
Size: 19.4oz/550g (90-92 per bulk)
Origin: Gulf of Biscay, Spain
Forget all preconceptions you may have of anchovies...after your try these, all of the others you’ve ever tried seem like rubbish!
Size: 1.69oz/48g
Origin: Gulf of Biscay, Spain
Vented, Scratch-Resistant Anodized Aluminum Lid for Paella Pans. Fits Pans: 32cm/12.5inch, 34cm/13.5, 36cm/14inch
Size: 14.5 inch diameter vented lid
Origin: Valencia, Spain
The paella pans usually only have a small ding, are not perfectly round, or a little bit of the paint chipping off the handle. Because of the rock-bottom pricing, these items are non-returnable and shipped as is.
Size: Approximately 10 servings