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Unbeatable savings on an huge assortment of items every day! How can we sell this stuff for so cheap? We believe in selling only top-quality items that are both fresh and in perfect condition. To keep the fresh inventory moving in, we occasionally need to make room by moving out our existing items at sale price. We also sometimes get items from Spain that have a minor imperfection, such as a small tear on the product label. For the most part, all items are perfect and are on sale simply because we are trying to get you the best deal!

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A great set of 2 Spanish cheeses and a hand-made Spainish Cheese Keeper. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: approx 1 Lb weight
Origin: Spain
Roasted Catalan Almonds covered with sweet caramel-praline and white chocolate and then rolled in powdered cocoa. Just like heaven. . .
Size: 5.6oz/160g
Origin: Alicante, Spain
Three of our most popular olives.
Size: 3 x 8.11oz/230g net, 3 x 4.59oz/130g drained
Origin: Zaragoza, Spain
A great assortment of 3 Spanish cheeses. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Rustic chocolate bonbons in a gorgeous gift box. Six rich and creamy flavors of soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles.
Size: 7oz/200g
Origin: Jaen, Spain
Sazonador de Paella con Azafran - Ready-to-use paella seasoning with 5 individually-sealed packets inside, made with pure Spanish Saffron from La Mancha.
Size: 0.51oz/15g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
This rustic Spanish tomato sauce is big in flavor. Crafted for traditional Spanish cooking, yet versatile enough for everyday use, it’s a must for your paella.
Size: 12.3oz/350g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain