About HotPaella.com

The HotPaella.com family

The story of HotPaella.com began unofficially nearly 40 years ago. Back then, a young Spanish girl, only 19 years old at the time, came over to live with her aunt here in the USA. She studied English in the evening and worked as a seamstress by day; working hard to start a life for herself. After a few short years she met a young man, also of Spanish decent, with whom she fell in love with and soon started a family with. For Lolita, and her husband David, this was the start of the rest of their lives.

Over the years David and Lolita worked very hard, both running their own businesses and raising three children. Although Lolita adored her family and relished the American way of life, her heart always longed for Spain. In the 1970's and 80's, the times were much different. Spanish culture was present here in the USA, however it was nearly unheard of to find any products from Spain. For many years Lolita, as well as other Spaniards here in the USA, longed for the flavors of Spain that they grew up with.

For many long years Lolita thought to herself how wonderful it would be to be able to travel to Spain and return with the authentic items that she grew up with. She thought to herself, what better way to share the majesty of Spain with her family and friends than to import the best of Spain? It took nearly a lifetime to make her vision a reality, but after many years of planning she decided to take the big step and start importing Spanish products. For many years she traveled the Spanish countryside seeking out the best products, and with the support of her son Mark, HotPaella.com became a reality. Today, HotPaella.com has grown to be the premier importer of gourmet Spanish products and artisan ceramics for sale throughout the USA.

Lolita, Mark & David, with the aid of their entire family and sales team, invite you share in their Spanish heritage and truly experience the authentic Flavor of Spain.