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A rich Empeltre olive spread - All Natural.
Size: 4.9oz/140g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
5 Sachets of the highest quality powdered saffron from La Mancha.
Size: 0.022oz/0.624g
Origin: Valencia, Spain
A great set of 2 Spanish cheeses and a hand-made Spainish Cheese Keeper. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: approx 2/3 Lb weight
Origin: Spain
A natural, super-healthy, crisp and sweet flavorful snack, these are also great paired with cured or aged sheep cheeses and young white wines or full-bodied red wines.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
Vented, Scratch-Resistant Anodized Aluminum Lid for Paella Pans. Fits Pans: 32cm/12.5inch, 34cm/13.5, 36cm/14inch
Size: 14.5 inch diameter vented lid
Origin: Valencia, Spain
The paella lids usually only have a small ding, or are not perfectly flat. Because of the rock-bottom pricing, these items are non-returnable and shipped as is. Solid (Non-Vented), Polished Stainless-Steel Lid for Paella Pans. Fits Pans: 32cm/12.5inch, 34
Size: 14.5 inch diameter solid lid
Origin: Valencia, Spain
Mildly flavored and not overpowering. The combination of Spains favorite olives and pimenton is simply delicious.
Size: 9.9oz/280g net, 4.2oz/120g drained
Origin: Alcoy, Spain
Spains most popular ham is Jamon Serrano. Our serrano is all natural with a wonderful mild flavor, perfect for all your tapas dishes. No nitrite or nitrite added, no preservatives, no msg, gluten free.
Size: 3.5oz/100g
Origin: La Rioja, Spain
This extra virgin olive oil is made from mature olives, predominantly using the Hojiblanca varietal. It is subtle on the nose, highlighting its mature undertones, and is especially sweet on the palate.
Size: 16.9fl.oz/500mL
Origin: Cordoba, Spain