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All natural dry cured pork loin, sliced and ready to eat. This lean, tender, and delicate cut is seasoned with paprika and garlic, and cured with salt.
Size: 3.5oz/99.2g
Origin: Made in the USA
Artisan hand-crafted salt keeper with ceramic lid.
Size: Holds 1-2 cups
Origin: Toledo, Spain
This Idiazabal style cheese from the mountains of Navarra is made with raw sheep's milk and a slightly smoked process which gives it a complex and rich flavor and a special aroma and aftertaste.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
La Confeteria Delavuida has selected three of the most traditional almond nougat in a beautiful gift box. A selection of hard nougat, crocanti nougat and caramel nougat all with almonds. Is composed of eight individually wrapped portions.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
Pure quince and sugar membrillo from Catalonia. An intense quince flavor and a slightly spreadable texture make this the perfect accompaniment to cheese. All natural and preservative free.
Size: 7.06oz/200g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
A rich Empeltre olive spread - All Natural.
Size: 4.9oz/140g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
- Lead Free - Food Safe -
Size: 11 inch and 9 inch
Origin: Manises (Valencia), Spain
- Lead Free - Food Safe -
Size: 7 inch diameter
Origin: Valencia, Spain
The paella pans usually only have a small ding, or a little bit of the paint chipping off the handle. Because of the rock-bottom pricing, these items are non-returnable and shipped as is.
Size: Approximately 12 servings
These cans usually only have a small ding or indentation. The delicious olives inside are in perfectly good shape and ready to eat. Due to rock-bottom pricing, these items are non-returnable and shipped as is.
Size: 6 x 12.3oz cans
Origin: Alicante, Spain