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Whole fillets of the elusive white-fin Bonito carefully packed in olive oil. Perfect for topping salads, making an unbeatably-rich sandwich, and for stuffing piquillo peppers.
Size: 4oz/111g net
Origin: Galicia, Spain
Grown in a nature preserve where L’Albufera lakes and rivers feed the fertile plains of Valencia.
Size: 11Lbs/5Kg
Origin: Valencia, Spain
4 Premium White Fin Tuna in Olive Oil, 1 Premium Razor Clams in Brine, 1 Premium Octopus in Olive Oil, 1 Octopus in Galician Sauce, 1 Whole Baby Squid in Olive Oil, 2 Premium Baby Sardines in Olive Oil & 2 Premium Mussels in Galician Sauce.
Regular Price $47.00- Lead Free - Food Safe -
Size: 7 inch diameter
Origin: Manises (Valencia), Spain
70% minimum pure cocoa solids make for a rich dark chocolate that is absolutely unforgettable. Our darkest and richest chocolate.
Size: 0.63oz/18g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Sturdy and durable.
Size: 19.5 inches long

Size: 11"/ 280mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain

Size: 12"/ 300mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain