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Sturdy and durable.
Size: 19.5 inches long
The most exquisite anchovies that you can find in the market, worthy of the most exquisite gourmet palate.
Size: 24.69oz/700g net, 22.93oz/650g drained
Origin: Galicia, Spain

Size: 12"/ 300mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain

Size: 11"/ 280mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain

Size: 10"/ 250mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain

Size: 12"/ 300mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain
Packed in a rich sauce with just a hint of vinegar, paprika, sunflower oil, wine, salt, and natural flavor.
Size: 4oz/111g net, about 12 -16 count
Origin: Rias Gallegas (Galicia,) Spain

Size: 11"/ 275mm
Origin: Albacete, Spain
The name gordal means “the fat one” due to it’s round shape and large size (over 6 gr). It has a fine delicate flavor and a firm, meaty texture
Size: 12 oz /345 g net, 6 oz/168 g drained
Origin: Andalucia, Spain
This extra virgin olive oil is extracted from mature olives. It is very subtle on the nose, highlighting its mature undertones, and is especially sweet on the palate.
Size: 169fl.oz/5 Liter
Origin: Cordoba, Spain