Barcelona - The Best Hot Chocolate Around

Barcelona is a Mecca for chocolate lovers around the world. We have found that they have amazing hot chocolate bar none. One can travel to Barcelona solely in search of the perfect hot chocolate and find the decision hard to make as it flourishes with shops specializing in hot chocolate.

Casa Amatller, Barcelona
Barcelona's Best Hot Chocolate

Dulcinea: Perhaps the best Chocolate and melindros (a catalan soft pastry) in all of Barcelona are found at Dulcinea. Established in 1930, Dulcinea gains its namesale from Don Quixote's love, but gains its reputation for their lovely thick chocolate.

Fargas: Adorned with the same rustic décor since 1937, this old-time chocolate shop is one of the most famous in the city. Their Hot Chocolate is a definite must on every chocolate-touring itinerary.

Gelateria Xocolateria: Hidden in a corner of Plaça Sant Jaume, their speciality is Spanish chocolate con churros, although their ensaimada pastries are not to be missed either. On our last trip to Barcelona we enjoyed their churros con chocolate, followed by a stroll through the plaza where numerous local artists were vending their works.

Pasteleria Escriba: Chef Ferran Adrià favorite chocolate croissants may be found at this old-time pastry shop. Family owned since 1906, this charming shop truly deserves its place in Barcelona’s history.

Museo de La Xocolata: Run by the Barcelona Confectionary Guild, Barcelona's Museum of Chocolate is the place to stimulate your mind, as well as your taste buds. Learn the history of chocolate, admire the impressively detailed chocolate sculptures, and finally hit the café for some traditional hot chocolate.

Xocoa: A modern take on chocolate, these sweet treats come with flash wrappers and unique unforgettable flavors. Their shop boasts a novel assortment, including chocolate beer, chocolate candles and chocolate incense in addition to traditional favorites.

Numerous other chocolate shops abound in Barcelona, including the shops Cacao Sampaka, La Granja, Bliss, Granja M Viader, and others. If you have any suggestions or tips on Barcelona’s chocolate heritage, we would be happy to feature them here.

Cafe Escriba, Barcelona
Cafe Xocoa, Barcelona

Hot Chocolate Mixes from Barcelona: