Barcelona - A History in Chocolate

While countless volumes have been written on traveling through Barcelona, we prefer to focus on Barcelona's rich chocolate history and the best ways to experience that history.

Park Guell, Barcelona
Barcelona - A Chocoholics Dream Come True

If the universe were made of chocolate, Barcelona would be at the very center of it. While most default to Belgium of Switzerland when thinking of fine chocolate, Barcelona as a city puts these other countries to shame. With Spain being the first country to experience cacao upon arrival from the new world, as well as the inventor of the first chocolate making machine in 1780, Barcelona has a deep rooted history in chocolate. Strolling the streets around La Rambla and the Barri Gotic in particular, you are certain to wander by and experience Barcelona's love of chocolate. From the mountains of Bonbons filling the stands in the Mercat de la Boqueria, to the the old-time favorites such as Dulcinea and Fargas, fancy confections and hot chocolate are commonplace.

Barcelona's Chocolate Covered History

Barcelona's chocolate roots may be traced back much earlier, but the modern story doesn't really start until 1797 when Chocolates Amatller began crafting their traditional chocolates. Amatller took their craft so seriously that they began to craft their world around chocolate, they even commissioned new paintings to celebrate their chocolates. Rafael de Penagos and Alphonse Mucha created works of art that now adorn these fantastic confectionaries. The 'Casa Amaller' was also built, and can be visited next to Gaudí's Casa Batllò in Barcelona. The 'Casa Amaller', built between 1898 and 1900 under the direction of architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch and declared Monument of National Interest is an outstanding example of modernist architecture in Barcelona.

While Amatller was crafting their chocolates in Downtown Barcelona, in 1840 Simón Coll began crafting their sweets in the outskirts of Barcelona. Simón Coll, the maker of our fine Chocolate a la Tazá, has been making chocolate continuously in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona for seven generations. Our Chocolate a la Tazá has been manufactured with the same recipe and under the same label since before 1880. The success and reputation of these fine chocolatiers have inspired numerous others, such as Chocolates Blanxart from Sant Joan Despí, which was founded 1954. Although many have tried to capitalize on the success of the masters, only the best have stood the test of time.

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Map of Barcelona, Spain
Chocolates at La Boqueria, Barcelona

Chocolates from Barcelona:

Amatller Gourmet Eating Chocolate - Dark 70% Cocoa
70% minimum pure cocoa solids make for a rich dark chocolate that is absolutely unforgettable.
Our darkest and richest chocolate.
Size: 3oz/85g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Details - Amatller Gourmet Eating Chocolate - Dark 70% Cocoa
Amatller Gourmet Eating Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - CL013
So creamy and smooth, the Spanish have certainly outdone themselves with this one.
Size: 3oz/85g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Details - Amatller Gourmet Eating Chocolate - Milk Chocolate - CL013