Rabitos Royale Fig Bonbons

Rabitos Royal
---Imported From Spain---

Brandy-fudge stuffed figs dipped in rich chocolate, individually wrapped and sealed in a lustrous gift box. These decadent morsels are sure to please with their sophisticated look, mature taste, outstanding presentation. Wonderful on their own, but even better when paired with wine, as the tender fig, creamy fudge, and crisp shell are without compare.

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Rabitos Chocolate Stuffed Figs - 3 count DS017-S4
Set includes 4 individual boxes of 3 Rabito= Royale. Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent brandy fudge stuffed dried figs dipped in chocolate.
Size: 4 x 1.66oz/47g
Origin: Caceres, Spain
Details - Rabitos Chocolate Stuffed Figs - 3 count DS017-S4