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Andalusian Style Marcona Almonds - Small Pack - AL006
Ultra premium, salted marcona almonds, lightly fried in olive oil. Naturally Cholesterol Free!
Andalusian style with a slightly oily finish.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
AL006       $19.49
Details - Andalusian Style Marcona Almonds - Small Pack - AL006

Spanish Cheese

Pic of Spanish Cheese Archaeologists believe a sheep milk cheese similar to Manchego was being made on the Iberian peninsula well before the Romans colonized the region, and monks then perfected the region’s cheesemaking traditions after the Empire fell. Whatever knowledge the monks accumulated, shepherds then disseminated on their yearly peregrinations. These traditions evolved through the Middle Ages, with each region developing its own unique turography. Sheep cheeses dominated the country’s rugged middle, Blue cheeses were born in the damp caves of the northwest, and runny tortas clotted with cardoon rennet dotted the Extremaduran border with Portugal. In the far climes of the Pyrenees, the fecund Basque Country gained steam.

Some of the Spanish cheeses are internationally renowned, such as the Manchego cheese of La Mancha. Some regions are better known for their cheeses than others; 26 cheeses are classified as Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.—Denominación de Origen Protegida) by Spain and the European Union. Many of the cheeses are manufactured from single types of milk (cow, goat or sheep), but a few are mixtures of different milks, and the milk may be raw, pasteurised or creamy. The cheeses are made in a wide variety of styles including fresh, cured, semi-cured and pressed paste, and some are inoculated with mould to make blue varieties. There is a huge variation in the presentation of cheeses, from the hard, dark-skinned, two-kilo Manchego to the soft, small quesitos.

Cheese from Spain:

Spanish Cheese Sampler - CH014
A great assortment of 3 Spanish cheeses. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Details - Spanish Cheese Sampler - CH014
Baby Manchego Mini-Wheel CH005-W
Authentic Certified Origin Manchego, but in a cute little mini-size! The whole thing is only about 4.5" diameter.
Size: Approximately 2.2 Lbs / 1 Kg
Origin: Spain
Details - Baby Manchego Mini-Wheel CH005-W
Idiazabal D.O. "Izar Gazta" - CH003
A rich, lightly smoked cheese with medium-firmness and a creamy, nutty flavor.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Details - Idiazabal D.O. "Izar Gazta" - CH003
V de Navarra Smoked Sheep's Milk Cheese CH008-
This unique and traditional cheese, made with raw sheep's milk, is produced in the mountains of Navarra. The slightly smoked process gives it a special aroma and aftertaste. The flavor is complex and rich, with the taste of nuts, smoke, and sheep.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Details - V de Navarra Smoked Sheep's Milk Cheese CH008-
Young Manchego D.O. - CH009
An extra-creamy, tender sheep's milk cheese with a rich flavor. Aged for 4 months to develop the rich flavors that pair beautifully with fruit and wine.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Details - Young Manchego D.O. - CH009
Iberico 'Tres-Leches' Cheese CH024
Smooth and flavorful, yet mild, this 3 milk blend pairs perfectly with wine and is ideal for all cooking uses. Medium firmness.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Details - Iberico 'Tres-Leches' Cheese CH024