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Andalusian Style Marcona Almonds - Small Pack - AL006
Ultra premium, salted marcona almonds, lightly fried in olive oil. Naturally Cholesterol Free!
Andalusian style with a slightly oily finish.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
AL006       $19.49
Details - Andalusian Style Marcona Almonds - Small Pack - AL006

Turron - The Romantic History of this Sweet Candy

Rivers of ink have been written about the origin of the turron, we would like to share with you this version which we think is the most romantic.

Originally named “terro” or “torro,” the origins of Turron can be traced back to the 11th century. Back then the Moor’s ruled Alicante, and their king was the emir Ali. Ali embraced the cultures of the world, and soon fell in love and was married to a Scandinavian princess named Ilda. Ilda loved Ali, but her melancholy heart longed for snow and climate that she grew up in.

The Moros y Christianos festival in Alicante The following Spring, the almond trees burst into bloom and the entire landscape was showered with petals from the white blooms. For that moment, even if just for an instance, Ilda felt at ease as the falling petals reminded her of the first snow. Seeing the joy in his wife’s eyes, the emir made it his mission to have the almond trees bloom all year long. The emir looked throughout his kingdom, and the solution was found in an unlikely source. A small bakery in Jijona, the birthplace of turron, had the idea to create a sweet confection made with the fruits of the almond tree. By crafting a sweet confection that could be enjoyed during the whole year, even Ilda could enjoy the pleasures of the spring blooms all year long.

Because Turron was meant to remind us of the pleasures of the first blooms in spring, over time it came to be enjoyed as a winter tradition, when we needed to be reminded of Spring the most. In the 15th century, Turron became so popular that it was commonly referred to as dulce espanol (Spanish sweet). Today, the Holiday Season is not complete without sharing this delicacy with all your friends and family.

Turron from Alicante:

Gourmet Turron Assortment TR002
Three of the most traditional almond nougat in a beautiful gift box. A selection of hard nougat, crocanti nougat and caramel nougat, all with almonds, in eight individually wrapped portions.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
Details - Gourmet Turron Assortment TR002