Cooking Paella

For a heat source, we recommend one of our paella burners, a professional gas range, or cooking outside on the BBQ. Remember, cooking your paella indoors will keep you from the challenges that the weather poses. But cooking it outdoors will allow you to make an unforgettably amazing and traditional paella as you would find in Spain.

Propane Burners
Propane Burners - The Best Way
Our custom propane burners made specifically to match our paella pans. They come with a hose and propane regulator and are simple to use, just attach to any regular sized propane tank (you can use the one from your BBQ grill).
  • Choose from our Standard, Professional, and Commercial burners
  • Ideal for paella pans ranging in size (from 16" to 45")
Cooking Paella On A Home BBQ Or Weber
Home BBQ or Weber
You can use a home BBQ or Weber grill to cook you paella. Just make sure you know the dimensions of the cooking surface to ensure you have the right size paella pan. You'll want to make sure the the entire bottom of the pan is above the heat source to properly cook the paella and form the yummy socorat (crispy rice on the bottom.) When you are using the BBQ or Weber to make paella, we recommend pans up to 18" in the following styles: Traditional Polished Steel, Pata Negra, and Stainless Steel.
Cooking Paella On A Gas Stove
Gas Stove
Without the option of one of our fabulous propane paella burners or an outdoor grill, many cook their paella inside, on their gas stove. This option is a perfectly acceptable means considering change in weather patterns! Be sure that you know the dimensions of the cook top and diameter of the flame for proper cooking. You may use several burners to cook a large paella, however, we do not recommend this option. When you are using a gas stove to make paella, you may use any style of Pan, but limit the size to 15" or smaller.
Cooking Paella On An Electric Stove
Electric Stove
In trying to offer everyone the satisfaction of making a paella, we have an assortment of paella pans that are flat on the bottom, which is needed for electric and induction cook tops. These special pans have a thin steel plate laminated into the bottom to give superior cooking on electric and induction.
Cooking Paella In An Oven
Some have turned to their oven to cook their paellas. When choosing this method, it is important to know your oven measurements to find the maximum size paella pan that will fit. Ensure that the front-to-back measurement inside your oven is 1" larger than the diameter pan you choose (pans upto 15" fit most ovens.) The red coloring on the handles of our Traditional Polished Steel paella pans is oven safe enamel, thus it will not melt, so it is the perfect choice for oven-use.
Cooking Paella On An Open Fire
Open Fire
Cooking your paella pan over an open fire is, without a doubt, the most traditional way to cook a paella! You will find great joy in taking the process back to its roots. Our exclusive Double-Thick 'Pata Negra' pans are restaurant grade, and are designed to stand up to the intense heat and give the support that is necessary.