Gourmet Foods on Sale

Spains most popular ham is Jamon Serrano. Our serrano is all natural with a wonderful mild flavor, perfect for all your tapas dishes. No nitrite or nitrite added, no preservatives, no msg, gluten free.
Size: 3.5oz/100g
Origin: La Rioja, Spain
This extra virgin olive oil is made from mature olives, predominantly using the Hojiblanca varietal. It is subtle on the nose, highlighting its mature undertones, and is especially sweet on the palate.
Size: 16.9fl.oz/500mL
Origin: Cordoba, Spain
A rich Empeltre olive spread - All Natural.
Size: 4.9oz/140g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
This rustic Spanish tomato sauce is big in flavor. Crafted for traditional Spanish cooking, yet versatile enough for everyday use, it’s a must for your paella.
Size: 6 x 12.3oz/350g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Tangy and herbaceous, this traditional Argentinean sauce is the ideal accompaniment to grilled meat.
Size: 2 x 11.29 oz/320g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
The Authentic Picos Sevillanos. Crisp mini-baguettes that are perfect for dipping and for serving as part of your tapas selection. All natural.
Size: 7.76 oz/220g
Origin: Sevilla, Spain
A natural, super-healthy, crisp and sweet flavorful snack, these are also great paired with cured or aged sheep cheeses and young white wines or full-bodied red wines.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
Rich Delaviuda chocolate with nutty pealed almonds. Each bar is made with fine cocoa to ensure an intense chocolate flavor. The beautiful box makes for a perfect gift!
Size: 100g/3.52oz
Origin: Toledo Spain
Classic Almond Brittle Turron. This crunchy honey and Marcona almonds bar is the perfect sweet for all occasions. Our bestselling Turron is the classic crunchy turron made with roasted almonds, coated with a honey nougat.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo Spain
Traditional Almond Turron Sticks
Size: 4.8oz/136g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
5 Sachets of the highest quality powdered saffron from La Mancha.
Size: 0.022oz/0.624g
Origin: Valencia, Spain
A pack of 3 herb bundles, perfect for making soups and stocks. Because the herbs are bundled, it makes it easy to remove them before serving.
Size: 0.35oz/10g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Our Favorite! Full of flavor and rich with wonderfully aromatic and sweet Pimenton. A Great addition to all things grilled, sautéed, and sauces.
Size: 4.41oz/125g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Combined with traditional Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, summer savory, marjoram, thyme and oregano, this salt is perfect for seasoning and refining numerous dishes, cold and warm.
Size: 5.3oz/150g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Flor de Sal Escamas del Mediterraneo is among the most pure, natural, and mineral rich sea salt you will find. It hails from the sunny shores of Mallorca and is harvested by hand.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Pimenton Picante - Lightly smoked and blended with medium-hot varieties, this paprika slightly sweet-Smokey but with a kick. Use this to add a little wow! to your cooking.
Size: 2.64oz/74.8g
Origin: Alicante, Spain
A great set of 2 Spanish cheeses and a hand-made Spainish Cheese Keeper. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: approx 2/3 Lb weight
Origin: Spain
An extra-creamy, tender sheep's milk cheese with a rich flavor. Aged for 4 months to develop the rich flavors that pair beautifully with fruit and wine.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Smooth and flavorful, yet mild, this 3 milk blend pairs perfectly with wine and is ideal for all cooking uses. Medium firmness.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
A rich cow's milk cheese with a firm and piquant character. Perfect when paired with fruit, or when offered on a cheese plate. Aged 9 months.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain