Gourmet Foods on Sale

Traditional creamy tomato-almond spread. Romesco, a Catalan classic, based on pulverized almonds and hazelnuts, dry sweet Nora peppers, and tomatoes.
Size: 22.75oz/645g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
A rich and creamy spread perfect with potatoes, fish, and just about anything off the grill.
Size: 4.6oz/130g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent brandy fudge stuffed dried figs dipped in dark chocolate.
Size: 2.2Lbs/1Kg (about 60 pieces)
Origin: Caceres, Spain
Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent dark chocolate truffle with a touch of brandy stuffed dried figs dipped in dark chocolate, packaged in a beautiful decorative tin.
Size: 8.75oz/248g
Origin: Caceres, Spain
This extra virgin olive oil is made from mature olives, predominantly using the Hojiblanca varietal. It is subtle on the nose, highlighting its mature undertones, and is especially sweet on the palate.
Size: 16.9fl.oz/500mL
Origin: Cordoba, Spain
Imagine 'edible silk' and you may come close to the flavor of this creamy luxurious chocolate. For you white chocolate lovers, be prepared to raise your expectations.
Size: 3oz/85g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Turron Carrmelo (Almond Caramel with Sesame Seeds), Turron Duro (Crunchy Almond) and Turron Crocanti con Chocolate (Almond Crocanti with Chocolate).
Size: 3 x 2.64oz/75g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
La Confeteria Delavuida has selected three of the most traditional almond nougat in a beautiful gift box. A selection of hard nougat, crocanti nougat and caramel nougat all with almonds. Is composed of eight individually wrapped portions.
Size: 7.05oz/200g
Origin: Toledo, Spain