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A rich, lightly smoked cheese with medium-firmness and a creamy, nutty flavor.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
An extra-creamy, tender sheep's milk cheese with a rich flavor. Aged for 4 months to develop the rich flavors that pair beautifully with fruit and wine.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
A piquant bite and deep, complex flavor make this semi-firm sheep's milk cheese one of our top sellers. The bold flavor makes this cheese ideal to pair with jamon or membrillo.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Smooth and flavorful, yet mild, this 3 milk blend pairs perfectly with wine and is ideal for all cooking uses. Medium firmness.
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain
Supreme Quality crunchy almond turron with little chunks of orange. A lovely citrus flavor.
Size: 2.64oz/75g
Origin: Toledo, Spain
Hand-selected peppers are dried over smoldering embers then ground into a velvety-powder, the result is the most intense color and smoked flavor available from any gourmet spice!
Size: 26.45oz/750g
Origin: La Vera, Spain
Sazonador de Paella con Azafran - Ready-to-use paella seasoning, made with pure Spanish Saffron from La Mancha.
Size: 21.16oz/600g
Origin: Alicante, Spain
Traditional creamy tomato-almond spread. Romesco, a Catalan classic, based on pulverized almonds and hazelnuts, dry sweet Nora peppers, and tomatoes.
Size: 22.75oz/645g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Best by: 12/31/2021
Recognized for their tender and slightly spicy flavor, fine texture and intense red color. Ideal to combine with fish, add to your paella or stuff with cheese for an easy tapas.
Size: 13.75oz/390g netOrigin: Spain