'Extra' Santo Tomas D.O. Paella Rice

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Grown in a nature preserve where L’Albufera lakes and rivers feed the fertile plains of Valencia.
Size: 2.2Lbs/1Kg
Origin: Valencia, Spain

This rice is an excellent choice for paella and is the preferred rice for experienced cooks. This is the rice that locals in Spain use; perfect for paella or any other rice dish (we even use it in our rice cooker at home!)

Do I need to use this rice for Paella? What about the Bomba variety? What about using regular rice?
The key feature of our specialty paella rice is that it absorbs more liquid, never gets soggy or mushy, and maintains its shape after cooking. Normal store-bought rice (even risotto rice) gives very poor results when used in paella and fails to maintain consistency during cooking. The economical price of our specialty paella rice make this the ideal choice for experienced cooks and restaurants. This rice gets soft faster than Bomba rice, thus because of this you have to add the exact quantity of water and cook it more precisely so it doesn’t get overdone. The Bomba variety is the best rice for beginning-intermediate cooks and catering companies. This rice is also great for other recipes, especially for rice pudding. Everyone that tries my rice pudding say it’s the best they’ve ever had (my secret is the rice.)
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