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Recipe - Llandeta de Mariscos (Fish & Shellfish Casserole)

Llandeta refers to the tin can that was used to make this Mediterranean dish in ancient times. Today this white fish stew is cooked in a cazuela clay pan, or even a paella pan. You will find many seafood dishes through out Costa Brava and the region of Valencia. However, llandeta is extremely popular in the area of Denia.


4 pounds varied Seafood (Sea Bass, Cod, Mackerel, Mullet, Crab, Prawns, or Langostines) cut into pieces
2 medium Potatoes, sliced
3 cloves of Garlic, crushed
2 medium Tomatoes, chopped
1 tablespoons Parsley, chopped
2 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ teaspoon Paprika
½ teaspoon Saffron Threads

Prep Time/ Cook Time

15 minutes preparation, 20-25 minutes cooking on the stove top

Recipe Size

Serves 4


In a 12”-14” paella pan or cazuela, layer the potatoes, the fish, crushed garlic, chopped tomatoes, salt, oil, and parsley. Add enough water to cover (about 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups). Add the paprika and saffron. Simmer over low heat for 20 to 25 minutes, or until fish is tender and fully cooked (cover if needed, but with a low, even heat source, a cover is usually not needed.) Serve and enjoy!

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