Piquillo Peppers from Lodosa in Glass Jar

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Whole piquillo's are roasted over acorns and oak embers for a unique smokey flavor that is a must for all your spanish cooking and tapas recipes.
Size: 7.7oz/220g net, 6.35oz/180g drained
Origin: Lodosa, Spain

These whole peppers (no seeds or stems) are plump, rich, and perfect for stuffing or serving just like they are.

Piquillo peppers are grown in the North of Spain, in the region of Navarra. Their flavor is as vibrant as their color. The fresh peppers are hand-harvested in late fall and left to slow roast over an acorn fire for several days. The natural acorn smoke and slow heat caramelizes the sugar, locks in the natural juices, and makes for a truly unique Spanish delicacy. Add incredible new dimension of color and flavor to your cooking!

• Cut into strips for garnish and add to the top of your Paella five minutes before you serve; and it will look fantastic and traditional with a burst of color.
• Add to salads, or serve them whole with a little Balsamic vinegar or Spanish olive oil.
• Last minute guests? Put them on a brochette and they’ll make a delicious tapa on their own. They will make a fast, easy, great tapa!
• Feeling inspired? Stuff the whole peppers with bonito or tuna, sautéed mushrooms, or fresh fish; heat and serve for a delicious Spanish tradition.
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