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In our travels across Spain, searching our the very best products, we were fortunate to come across these fine clay pans. Made from a finer-grade clay than most other brands, and fired at a higher temperature to ensure maximum durability, we have crowned these pans as our 'Heavy Duty' line. Infinitely more durable than any other natural terra-cotta clay pans, this fine cookware is the choice for connoisseurs.

Care and use of terra cotta clay cookware: Read our helpful article.

All of our Clay Pans are:
  • Lead & Cadmium Free
  • Food Safe
  • Oven Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Stovetop Safe
  • BBQ Safe

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Rectangular Clay Platter - Lead free and food safe.
Size: 12" x 7.75"
Origin: Breda (Girona,) Spain
The ideal single-serving size for an authentic Spanish Flan. They also make a great presentation for serving yogurt at brunch!
Size: Holds 3/4 cup
Origin: Breda (Girona,) Spain
Terra Cotta Olive Serving dish with three compartments, including one for pits and one for toothpicks.
Size: 6 inches across
Origin: Girona, Spain
Stainless Steel Heat Distribution Plate for use below Terra-Cotta cazuelas or Paella Pans. Aids in ensuring even heating, and prevents damage to the cookware when used over gas or electric stove tops.
Size: 11 inch diameter
Rectangular Clay Platter - Lead free and food safe.
Size: 15" x 9.5"
Origin: Breda (Girona,) Spain