Gifts for Dad

Did you know that in Spain a Paella is traditionally cooked by men? Give your Dad a new new hobby by introducing him to cooking paella out on the patio!
Highest quality solid wood construction with a secure clamp-style holder to hold both bone-in and boneless jamon.
Size: Fits jamones with bone
Origin: Spain
A perfect dinner for 6, this makes a great gift. The ingredients are nested in the paella pan and sent in a gift box topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 6 Items - Serves 6+
Origin: Spain
Some of the best tapas from Spain, with a delicious mix of items from jamon and seafood to olives and almonds, all nested in a gift box and topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 6 Items
Origin: Spain
With our favorite paella recipe book, the finest saffron available, a tin of paprika from La Vera and a bag of the absolute best paella rice.
Size: 4 Items
Everything you need to start cooking, just supply the ingredients! Includes a high quality burner, a rolling stand, 18.5in/46cm paella pan, and propane regulator.
Size: 15.75 inch/400mm burner, 38,817 BTU
Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent brandy fudge stuffed dried figs dipped in dark chocolate.
Size: 10 count
Origin: Caceres, Spain
Pure Decadent Bliss! Decadent salted caramel stuffed dried figs dipped in milk chocolate.
Size: 10 count
Origin: Caceres, Spain
With a paella recipe book by Louise Pickford, a 4 pack of tinta de calamar (squid ink), a jar of all i oli spread and two bags of fideo.
Size: 5 Items
The best of Spain - Iberico pata negra jamon, aged at least 24 months, and lomo, the finest cut of a 100% iberico pig, cured for 70 days using artisanal methods.
Size: 2 Items
Origin: Salamanca, Spain
Bite size authentic dry cured Spanish chorizo. Medium-soft texture and moist, slightly oily. Lactose Free, Gluten Free, no MSG added, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no nitrites or nitrates added.
Size: 1.75oz/50g
Origin: La Rioja, Spain
The name gordal means “the fat one” due to it’s round shape and large size (over 6 gr). It has a fine, delicate flavor and a firm, meaty texture
Size: 12oz/345g net, 6oz/168g drained
Origin: Andalucia, Spain
The Manzanilla, which translates to "little apple", takes its name from its round shape and is favored as a table olive for its high flesh to pit ratio and pleasant flavor.
Size: 12oz/345g net, 7oz/198g drained
Origin: Andalucia, Spain
Box of completely handmade candies made with orange blossom honey with a hint of the best saffron, saffron from La Mancha with the Karkom Protected Designation of Origin.
Size: 3.53oz/100g
Origin: La Mancha, Spain
A great assortment of 3 Spanish cheeses. The perfect way to try them all!
Size: 1 Lb minimum weight
Origin: Spain