Gifts for the Cook

Single-serving size soup-pot, perfect for stew, fabada, or even old-fashioned chicken noodle.
Size: Holds 2 cups
Origin: Breda (Girona) Spain
The ideal single-serving size for an authentic Spanish Flan. They also make a great presentation for serving yogurt at brunch!
Size: Holds 3/4 cup
Origin: Breda (Girona,) Spain
Highest quality solid wood construction with a secure clamp-style holder to hold both bone-in and boneless jamon.
Size: Fits jamones with bone
Origin: Spain
4 Premium White Fin Tuna in Olive Oil, 1 Premium Razor Clams in Brine, 1 Premium Octopus in Olive Oil, 1 Octopus in Galician Sauce, 1 Whole Baby Squid in Olive Oil, 2 Premium Baby Sardines in Olive Oil & 2 Premium Mussels in Galician Sauce.
Size: 12 Items
Origin: Galicia, Spain
An assortment of Bogar Brand seafood including cockles in brine, spicy sardines in oil, mussels in galician sauce, razor clam pieces in brine and squid pieces in ink.
Size: 5 Items
Origin: Galicia, Spain
What better to give than an instant tapas party? Our intermediate selection is non-perishable with no refrigeration required. The ingredients are nested in a gift box and topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 8 Items - Serves 6+
Origin: Spain
Some of the best tapas from Spain - Sliced Jamon Iberico, sliced Chorizo Iberico, Mussels in Galician Sauce, Anchovy Stuffed Manzanilla Olives, Marcona Almonds and Picos de Pan Bread Sticks, all nested in a gift box and topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 6 Items
Origin: Spain
Our favorite products bundled into one great gift box, perfect to share the best of Spain with your family and friends. The items are nested in a gift box and topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 7 Items - Serves 6+
This 10in wide tagine is perfect for all your Moroccan and Tunisian inspired recipes.
Size: 10 inches across by 7.5 inches tall
Origin: Breda (Girona,) Spain
In a beautiful ceramic jar, this salt is combined with traditional Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, summer savory, marjoram, thyme and oregano. This salt is perfect for seasoning and refining numerous dishes, cold and warm.
Size: 3.5oz/100g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Flor de Sal Escamas del Mediterraneo is among the most pure, natural, and mineral rich sea salt you will find. It hails from the sunny shores of Mallorca and is harvested by hand.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Hand Harvested Mediterranean Sea Salt with Olives has a very rich, bold, and pronounced flavor. Black olives are mixed with hand harvested sea salt from Mallorca to form a perfect union. It makes the ultimate topping to fish, red meat, and vegetables.
Size: 5.3oz/150g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain