Standard Burners

While Arroz a la Paella is traditionally cooked over an open fire, a outdoor fire isn't really practical for everyday cooking. The next best thing are our custom propane burners made specifically to match our paella pans. They come with finely tuned valves to ensure a low dispersed flame for even cooking.

  • For small pans use our Model 300 burner, model L-30, your kitchen stove, a gas BBQ, or in the oven.
  • For medium pans use our Model 400 burner, model L-30, a gas BBQ, or in the oven.
  • For large pans use our model 500, 600, 700 burners, models L-50, or L-70 professional Burners. Pans larger than 40cm/16 inch are usually too big to fit in an oven or on a BBQ.

All of our propane burners come complete with hose and regulator, just screw it to a propane tank (the same type your patio BBQ uses) and you are ready to cook!

High quality propane burner for pans up to 55cm/22" diameter. 2 independent heat controls make this a perfect burner for all medium pans. Propane regulator included.
Size: 16 inch/400mm diameter, 38,817 BTU
High quality propane burner for pans 24cm/9" diameter up to 70cm/28" diameter. 3 independent heat controls make burner perfect for all pans. Propane regulator included.
Size: 24 inch/600mm diameter, 71,505 BTU
Everything you need to start cooking, just supply the ingredients! Includes a high quality burner, a rolling stand, 46cm paella pan, and propane regulator.
Size: 15.75 inch/400mm burner, 38,817 BTU