Ingredients for Paella

There are many versions of making paella. When we want the best home cooked meal and 100% authentic Spanish cooking, we turn to Lolita's Paella Valenciana. Its near and dear to our hearts and in our opinion the best you'll taste! No matter which recipe you decide to make, here are a few ingredients that we find are key to getting it right.

Paella Rice
Paella Rice
The most important part of the paella, after all, it wouldn't be paella without the rice! Don't settle for just any rice that you find in your local grocery store. When you opt for this route, you will find that your rice ends up mushy or undercooked. We offer two varieties of paella rice, Bomba and 'Extra'.
  • Bomba Rice D.O: This rice maintains it’s consistency even under extended cooking; it never becomes sticky, fluffy, or mushy.
  • Rice 'Extra' Santo Tomas D.O. - Paella Rice: This rice gets soft faster than Bomba rice. Add the exact amount of water.

Staple number two in making a superior paella! Saffron not only lends it's golden-yellow color but its amazing scent to the dish. Make sure that you are using La Mancha saffron to ensure that you are getting 100% pure saffron threads (stigma) without artificial dyes and additives of other parts of the flower.

Piquillo Peppers
Piquillo Peppers
Our piquillo peppers are ultra premium, roasted, and hand peeled! The vibrant color adds the right splash of color when used as a garnish over the backdrop of the golden-yellow rice. Pair it with the seafood and seasonings and you will enjoy every last peice of the sweet pepper!
Sofrito Rustic Spanish Tomato Sauce - SC008
Sofrito is a multidimensional term as it is both a process and an ingredient in the process! Either way, you cannot leave this very important element out without losing fundamental and mouth-watering flavor.
  • The ingredient: A rustic tomato sauce that offers far more flavor than your ordinary store brand. The sauce leads to the 'soccarrat', which is the best part of the paella!
  • The process: Coating sauteed meat with the 'ingredient' (sofrito sauce), piquillo peppers, and garlic. This process creates the base for your paella.
Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The oil is imperative for the formation of the sofrito. You need to saute your meat in it to get the crispy bits on the bottom of the pan. Additionally, when you use one of our paella pans, you will notice that the oil pools in each of the pans dimples to evenly cook your meal. This is where form meets function, thus ensuring perfection.
Spanish paprika is of far greater quality than you'll find elswhere. The D.O. designation means that you are getting nothing but the best! Add the smoked variety for an earthy taste that pairs well with the meats in paella. Our sun-dried variety pairs well with seafood paellas. Keep in mind, that if you have other ingredients with paprika, you may reduce the amount of paprika you are adding.
Chorizo & Sausages
Chorizo is a wonderful syncretism of Spain's love for pork and paprika! It has defined the culture as well as its cuisine. Add chorizo to your paella for the ultimate combination of what Spanish cooking is known for; paella and chorizo! We recommend one with a firm texture.
Optional Items
There are many items that you may choose to add to your gourmet dish to enhance its flavor. The following are among our favorites:
  • Seafood: camarones (shrimp), mejillon (mussels), almeja (clams), cigalas (crayfish), langostinos (lobster), chipirones (squid), and sepia (cuttlefish)
  • Chicken wings (drumettes) and pork short ribs
  • Vegetables such as green beans and artichoke hearts