Take your taste-buds on a journey, and on this trip you’ll be ending in Spain. A paradise for culinary travelers, Spain’s vibrant flavors are ideal for spicing things up. From this Mecca of flavor we present a few ingredients that will launch your culinary expedition to Spanish cuisine!
La Mancha Saffron Glass Vial - AZ022
Saffron is without a doubt a staple in Spanish cuisine, and imparts a golden-yellow color and an earthy aroma to your cooking. La Mancha saffron is produced in the fertile plains of Central Spain, and the quality of this natural and authentic Spanish product is without compare.

Tips for cooking with Saffron:
• Saffron pairs wonderfully with rice, and this glass vial is sufficient for a dish that serves 8 (about 4 cups of uncooked rice.)
• Saffron releases it's flavor when heated, thus it is important to add the saffron before the dish is done cooking, but only when liquid is present (as saffron will burn if over-heated.)
• You may add the saffron directly to the dish, or infuse it in warm liquid to release the flavor. Feel free to experiment by making a saffron "tea" by using water, broth, or wine to add to your favorite recipe.
Paella Seasoning Sachets with Saffron - SP039
Each packet contains an expertly balanced mixture of herbs, spices, and flavor bases to truly complete your paella recipe. This mix is specifically blended to add all of the flavor with none of the undesired additives of added sodium and MSG!

Tips for use of Paella Seasoning Sachets with Saffron:
• Use one packet of great flavor for a medium size paella. Try two with larger paellas.
• Just because the box states 'Paella' doesn't mean it can't be used in other dishes. It lends terrific flavor to soups.
• Use it to flavor a meat before roasting to perfection.
Farcellets Culinary Herb Bundle - SP038
A Catalan classic that is found in every great chef’s arsenal! The oil-rich sprigs of fresh savory, oregano, and thyme are bundled in bay laurel, tied with cotton twine, and carefully dried for optimal flavor. Farcellets are little bundle of joys that deliver amazing flavor without a mess.

Tips for use of Farcellets Culinary Herb Bundle:
• Add to soups, stews, or when making stock, and since they are bundled, it's easy to remove before serving.
• Stuff a whole chicken with Farcellets, lemon wedges, and butter before roasting for an amazing and flavorful dish.
• Place fish, an herb bundle, and a couple of lemon wedges in a foil pouch and bake.
• Simmer in tomato sauce for about 15 minutes, remove bundle, and add the sauce to a casserole.
Black Spring Truffle (Tuber Indicum) - SP040
The rare, elusive, (and expensive) Black Truffle is finally within reach and packed in its own juices to ensure optimal quality. The flavor is intense and earthy, with an almost pungent flavor, that when used sparingly, can turn a dull dish into something spectacular.

Tips for use of Truffles:
• Top your favorite pasta, risotto, or au-gratin potatoes with thin shavings of the truffle.
• Top your pasta with truffle oil. Add a small piece to your extra virgin olive oil, allow to infuse for 7 days, then use to drizzle over your favorite dish.
• Top your fillet mignon with truffle butter. Finely grate the truffle, mix with softened butter, wrap in waxed paper, re-form the butter into a log, and refrigerate until firm. Use a small dollop to top grilled meats.
• Dress an omelet, poached or fried eggs with truffle shavings.
Crushed Nora Peppers in Shaker - SP023
The Nora pepper adds an earthy, smoked flavor with just a hint of natural sweetness, to whatever dish you sprinkle it in. Related to the bell pepper, they have next to no heat, but are just bursting with color and flavor. Nora's are one of the most prevalent spices in Spain, often used in soups, stews, paella, seafood, and meat dishes.

Tips for using Crushed Nora Peppers:
• Sprinkle in paella or fidua, or even add a little together with a pinch of salt when making regular rice in the rice cooker. The Noras will add a wonderful bouquet of color and flavor to your dish.
• Use for making the traditional Bacalao a la Vizcaina, or get creative and use it as a fish-rub before baking or grilling.
• Get inspired and add to mashed potatoes, polenta, scrambled eggs, or even mix with cream cheese to liven things up.
Sweet Sun Dried Paprika - Oro Molido
Our sweet sun dried paprika is far superior to the bland Hungarian or Domestic varieties available at your local supermarket. The vibrant color lends to perfect presentation! It has a rich earthy flavor without the smoky flavor and aroma of other varieties. The smooth flavor transcends the boundaries of the "seasoning" label allowing it to become an ingredient in delicate dishes.

Tips for use of Sweet Sun Dried Paprika:
• Sprinkle on top of over-easy eggs. The light and fragrant aroma will make your mouth water!
• Use it to add flavor and color to sauces and spreads. We like to add it to mayonnaise. This makes a perfect topping for steamed vegetables.
• Sun dried paprika has a high sugar content, thus use caution when cooking over high heat so as not to burn it.
Romesco Traditional Catalan Sauce - SC007
Brava sauce is a multifaceted sauce that not only brings color but also delivers phenomenal taste. You will find similar sauces throughout Spain, especially in Tapas restaurants. Is it a sauce, or perhaps a topping? Whichever way you decide to try it first, you'll soon find that it sneaks into many of your dishes for an added 'kick' of flavor.

Tips for use of Salsa Brava:
• When paired with potatoes, it makes an excellent dipping sauce.
• Turn ordinary hamburgers into gourmet masterpieces when you add a little Salsa Brava on top.
• Add to a vegetable panini before grilling to let the flavors of the vegetables mingle with the richness of the sauce.

Contains nuts (made with Almonds).