La Mancha Saffron Glass Vial

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Glass vial containing the perfect amount of saffron for a paella that serves 8.
Size: 0.014oz/0.4g
Origin: La Mancha, Spain

Saffron is without a doubt a staple in Spanish cuisine, and imparts a golden-yellow color and an earthy aroma to your cooking. La Mancha saffron is produced in the fertile plains of Central Spain, and the quality of this natural and authentic Spanish product is without compare.

Tips for cooking with Saffron:
• Saffron pairs wonderfully with rice, and this glass vial is sufficient for a dish that serves 8 (about 4 cups of uncooked rice.)
• Saffron releases it's flavor when heated, thus it is important to add the saffron before the dish is done cooking, but only when liquid is present (as saffron will burn if over-heated.)
• You may add the saffron directly to the dish, or infuse it in warm liquid to release the flavor. Feel free to experiment by making a saffron "tea" by using water, broth, or wine to add to your favorite recipe.
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  on September 24, 2011

By trajan company: very good

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