Salsa Brava

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Traditional mildly-spicy sauce to be served alongside fried potatoes. Also great for tacos, barbeque, and salad dressings! The hint of almond and garlic make it a versatile sauce. Its flavor is a great balance of spicy, sweet, and sour.
Size: 11.29oz/320g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Brava sauce is a multifaceted sauce that not only brings color but also delivers phenomenal taste. You will find similar sauces throughout Spain, especially in Tapas restaurants. Is it a sauce, or perhaps a topping? Whichever way you decide to try it first, you'll soon find that it sneaks into many of your dishes for an added 'kick' of flavor.

Tips for use of Salsa Brava:
• When paired with potatoes, it makes an excellent dipping sauce.
• Turn ordinary hamburgers into gourmet masterpieces when you add a little Salsa Brava on top.
• Add to a vegetable panini before grilling to let the flavors of the vegetables mingle with the richness of the sauce.

Contains nuts (made with Almonds).
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