Mediterranean Sea Salt

You may already know that not every salt is the same. But in case you don't just try our favorite Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc. Every time you add a pinch of Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc Natural or one of our spice blends to your recipes you'll turn them into culinary delights.

Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc is harvested by hand on the natural beach of Es Trenc using traditional rakes and allowed to dry in Mallorca's ample sunshine. British Michelin star chef Mark Fosh has created a range of spice blends. What makes these creations so unique is their exceptionally high content of herbs and spices, most of which are sourced from organic producers.

Gourmets appriciate the mild and sweet aroma of our salt combined with the tender yet crispy consistency of its crystals. These characteristics achive the best results if you use Flor de Sal after the food is fully cooked. Thanks to the high magnesium content, Flor de Sal comes with a natural flavor enchancer. In other words, you need just a little bit to greatly improve the taste of your food.

Slightly grey in color, this salt puts table salt to shame. Perfect to serve at your table with a small bowl and spoon.
Size: 6.35oz/180g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Hand Harvested Mediterranean Sea Salt with Olives has a very rich, bold, and pronounced flavor. Black olives are mixed with hand harvested sea salt from Mallorca to form a perfect union. It makes the ultimate topping to fish, red meat, and vegetables.
Size: 5.3oz/150g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Our Favorite! Full of flavor and rich with wonderfully aromatic and sweet Pimenton. A Great addition to all things grilled, sautéed, and sauces.
Size: 4.41 oz/125 g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Flor de Sal Escamas del Mediterraneo is among the most pure, natural, and mineral rich sea salt you will find. It hails from the sunny shores of Mallorca and is harvested by hand.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Mallorca, Spain