Coffee & Hot Cocoa

When a simple coffee bean is dusted with sugar prior to roasting, the most marvelous transformation occurs. As with regular coffee roasting, the beans darken and develop a rich flavor and aroma, but unique to café torrefacto, the sugar is caramelized to form a glossy coating. Visually the coffee beans have a dark ebony color with a glass-like appearance, but inside the bean is where the magic happens. The caramelized sugar forms a flavor barrier to hold in the coffee's natural oils and flavors that would otherwise be lost in the roasting process. The result, an extra, extra dark coffee that has a more pronounced flavor without the additional bitterness that is characteristic of other dark varieties. Unique to Spain and a small handful of other Latin countries, Café torrefacto is truly an unforgettable espresso.

Torrefacto may be ground and brewed straight as an espresso, which would traditionally be served with a lemon twist in Spain, or it may be mixed with standard coffee prior to brewing to adjust the intensity of flavor.

  • Torrefacto: 100% sugar-roasted beans
  • Mix: 20% torrefacto, 80% Spanish dark roast coffee
100% sugar-roasted Arabica. Makes a rich, dark cup of coffee without being overly bitter.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Tarragona, Spain
100% sugar-roasted Arabica. Makes a rich, dark cup of coffee without being overly bitter.
Size: 3 x 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Tarragona, Spain
Rich, thick Spanish hot cocoa bar with a touch of cinnamon. Different from ordinary cocoa, this bar is prepared with extra cocoa solids for an extra thick consistency.
Size: 7oz/200g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Drinking chocolate with 18% cocoa, with aroma of cinnamon and vanilla and a soft cocoa flavor. It comes in a bag of 180g that is ideal for 4 cups.
Size: 6.34oz/180g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
A fabulous gift for the chef in your life! Includes Spanish Hot Cocoa, a Talavera Hand Painted Mug and a Hand-Operated Food-Grade Plastic Donut/Roscos Maker from Spain, all nested in a gift basket topped with a hand-tied bow.
Size: 3 Items
Origin: Spain
Perfect for the chocolate loving couple...mugs for two!
Size: 7 Items - Serves 2+