Piquillo Peppers

Bitter in their natural state, Piquillo Peppers undergo the most amazing transformation when roasted over an acorn fire. The smokey undertones and and natural spiciness from these peppers blend perfectly to make a mildly sweet, mildly smokey, and mildly spicy tangy pepper. The perfect compliment to mushrooms and seafood, or simply on their own with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These ultra-premium peppers are roasted, hand-peeled, and packed in their own natural juices.
Roasted over smoldering oak embers, these piquillo's have a deep smokiness that is without compare. Picked at the peak of ripeness for extra color and extra-rich flavor.
Size: 8.8oz/250g net
Origin: Lodosa, Spain
Whole piquillo's are roasted over acorns and oak embers for a unique smokey flavor that is a must for all your spanish cooking and tapas recipes.
Size: 5.5Lbs/2.5Kg net, 80-100 count
Origin: Zaragoza, Spain