Fruits & Preserves

The Spanish word mermelada (jam) appears to have its roots in the term membrillo (quince). Both the ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated the homonymous quince tree and Roman author Apicius wrote that its pulp was cooked in honey to overcome the natural roughness and acidity of the fresh fruit. Sugar, a fundamental ingredient in the elaboration of quince paste, came to Europe through Spain as a legacy from the Moors who, during their occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, planted sugarcane here. Centuries later, one of the maestros of the eighteenth-century Spanish still life, Luis Meléndez, captured the brilliance of quince fruit in his painting entitled Membrillos, melocotones, uvas y calabaza (Quince, peaches, grapes and pumpkin), which hangs in Madrid’s Prado Museum.
A natural, super-healthy, crisp and sweet flavorful snack, these are also great paired with cured or aged sheep cheeses and young white wines or full-bodied red wines.
Size: 8.8oz/250g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
Pure quince and sugar membrillo from Catalonia. An intense quince flavor and a slightly spreadable texture make this the perfect accompaniment to cheese. All natural and preservative free.
Size: 12.3oz/350g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
These delicious natural preserves are from an agricultural cooperative in Mucia and are excellent with toast, crackers, or cheese.
Size: 7.41oz/210g
Origin: Murcia, Spain
The raw chestnut honey has not undergone any heat process, maintaining its properties of color, aroma and flavor. Its creamy and crystalized state guarantees its denomination.
Size: 16.5oz/465g
Origin: Murcia, Spain