Seafood & Tuna

In the United States the Tuna we typically find in the supermarket is Blue-fin or Yellow-fin tuna which has been net caught and is a schooling fish. Bonito tuna is significantly different in that it is line caught (and thus 100% dolphin safe) and of far superior quality than the other varieties. The meat is pale, firm, and moist with a truly delicious flavor. An interesting bit of trivia: canned blue- or yellow-fin tuna degrade in quality over time, while Bonito actually ages to become a delicacy like fine wine! Occasionally even vintage Bonito is available and fetches a higher price depending on the year produced.

All-natural 'tinta' perfect for 'Arroz Negro,' the famous black rice dish of Spain.
Size: 3.2oz/90g
Origin: Spain
1 9.5 inch Traditional Polished Steel Paella Pan, 1 'Extra' Santo Tomas D.O. Paella Rice, 2 Chipirones Whole Baby Squid in Olive Oil, 1 Paella Seasoning Sachets with Saffron 5 Pack & 1 Squid Ink Tinta de Calamar 4 Pack.
Size: 6 Items - Serves 2