Bomba Rice D.O. in Textile Bag - 5 pack Bulk

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Save when you buy a bulk 5-pack! Certified origin from the L’Albufera nature preserve in Valencia, Spain.
Size: 11Lbs/5Kilo
Origin: Valencia, Spain

Bomba rice cooks differently than other types of rice in that the grains widen significantly instead of only becoming longer. The key feature of what makes Bomba the best is that the grain is much harder than any other variety in the world, thus allowing it to absorb more liquid (and thus flavor!) This rice maintains it’s consistency even under extended cooking; it never becomes sticky, fluffy, or mushy. Even though it absorbs more liquid than ordinary rice varieties, the grains remain separate and individually loose from one another; a desired feature for paella cooking. The texture itself leans toward an appealing, moist firmness. It has a nice mild flavor, very present yet not too sweet or nutty, nor will it interfere with even the subtlest of sauces.

The best feature: It’s very difficult to overcook. Although it’s the ultimate for paella, it’s incredible for all types of rice dishes giving them its distinct, very appealing characteristics.

Which rice should I buy?
Bomba is recommended to three key audiences: Beginning cooks, Catering companies, and anyone who has better things to do than to hover over the stove
• For our beginner cooks, Bomba is best because it won’t overcook, it absorbs more liquid to ensure your paella isn’t soggy, and is consistent every time you cook paella.
• For Catering: Even when maintained warm for extended time, the rice will maintain it’s texture and shape without getting mushy.
• For everyone: Longer, more flexible cooking times with consistent results means you get to do what really matters. . .enjoy the art of making the paella instead of worrying about it!
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