Mallafré Gourmet Olive Oil Pressed with Ginger

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Ginger pressed with sun-ripened Arbequina Olives.
Size: 8.5fl.oz/250mL
Origin: Catalonia, Spain

A masterpiece in culinary artistry. Unlike other herb oils, this olive oil is not flavored or infused, but rather fresh ginger is pressed together with the ripe olives and allowed to naturally separate and mellow. The result: a fragrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality with a light scent and subtle ginger after taste. The ginger flavor is remarkable subtle upon initial tasting allowing you to appreciate the olive oil itself.

Pure mechanical extraction Extra Virgin Olive Oil made strictly from small-farm raised and sun ripened Arbequina Olives and fresh garlic. True gourmet quality and perfect to compliment dishes where its delicate flavor can be appreciated.

One of the features that caught our eye with this one (not to mention quality) is the ingenious liitle spring loaded pour sput that magically pops-up when the lid is removed - sure to be a topic of conversation at your next dinner party.
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