Traditional Embutidos & Sausages

Authentic Spanish Paella Pans and Supplies
Centuries ago the Spaniards discovered the tasty combination of dry-cured meats and smokey paprika. The resulting mix of expertly-aged sausages (embutidos) and tangy spices gate the Spaniards a new tool in their culinary arsenal. Authentic dry cured Spanish chorizo is ready to eat and may be sliced and served cold, or even used for cooking. Perfect when served along side some Manchego cheese, added to your paella, and is the ideal companion for your more inspired culinary adventures.
Authentic Chorizo from Spain
The finest cut of a 100% Iberico pig. Cured for 70 days using artisanal methods.
Size: 2 oz/57g
Origin: Salamanca, Spain
Traditional Blood Sausage with Rice. A rich hearty tone of flavors, this farm-crafted Sausage is absolutely indispensable for making a traditional Fabada Austuriana.
Size: 8oz/227g
Origin: Made in the USA
Rich with the finest Spanish Pimenton, this soft chorizo-style meat is our new favorite, and certain to become your favorite as well.
Size: 1Lb/450g
Origin: Made in the USA
Dry Cured with a firm texture. A rich flavor perfect for sandwiches and tapas.
Size: Aproximately 0.75-1 Lb
Origin: Made in the USA
Crafted in the traditions of old Catalonia, we are pleased to feature this expertly crafted sausage.
Size: 12oz/340g
Origin: Made in the USA