Jamon Iberico

It’s difficult to convey how incredible, how compelling, how smooth and sensitive the flavor of Jamon Iberico is. A delicacy like none other, the texture is tender, and yet this extraordinarily fine meat is lean, healthy and actually relatively low in the “bad” cholesterol. Quite simply, Jamon is the jewel of the Spanish Cuisine.

Spain is the cradle of the Jamon, a millenary tradition recognized by food connoisseurs worldwide. The pride of Spain’s renowned Culinary Tradition, from Tapas to today’s more sophisticated cuisine, Serrano ham provokes an explosion of sensations. The flavor is sweet, earthy and less salty than prosciutto, but rich in flavor. While slicing Jamon may be done on a deli slicer, the true purists insist on it being sliced by hand. Slicing a cured Iberian Ham is taken so seriously in fact, that competitions are held in Castile for the best ham carvers. Slicing with the grain is the preferred method using a long, narrow, and flexible knife (similar to a fillet knife.)

Iberico Pata Negra Jamon, aged for at least 24 months, then sliced. Intense Aroma, smooth flavor, reddish color and incomparable texture.
Size: 2 oz/ 57g
Origin: Salamanca, Spain
Enjoy this wonderful set that includes everything you need for an authentic Spanish tapas party.
Size: approximately 15-18 Lbs
Origin: Spain

Size: approximately 8.5-12 Lbs
Origin: La Alberca (Salamanca,) Spain
Jamon Iberico from Embutidos y Jamones Fermin in Salamanca.
Size: approximately 14-16 Lbs
Origin: La Alberca (Salamanca,) Spain